Portraits of self love and achievement

Working hard to enhance body, soul and mind are a cause for celebration. However far you set your bar, reaching it is an incredible feeling.

Whether you are a yogi, ballet dancer, horse rider or someone who has struggled with life and found new ways to thrive, I would love to help you celebrate your success.

The portraits I create are so much more than photographs. You will see yourself through different eyes – through loving eyes – and you will love what you see.


Ballet dancers are a dream to photograph. With great lighting and direction, I can create such beautiful portraits.

My daughter, Livia, had been dreaming of being on pointe for more than ten years. That’s a long time of dedication and hard work, so we celebrated with the shoot she had always dreamed of.

Ballet portrait sessions can be done all year round in the studio. When possible, ballet portrait sessions can be done in so many locations around Essex. Bluebells, lavender, sunflowers, summer meadows, beach, sunset, urban settings.

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I LOVE yoga. This ancient practice has transformed my body, mind and soul. Try it!

Yoga portrait shoots can be done in the studio or on location. I am setting up mini session days at yoga studios offering discounts for groups of 3 or more booking for a mini session. Watch this space…

I did an amazing shoot with my partner in life recently. Alex @yogadadoo uses yoga to benefit his mental health. He doesn’t realise how good he is, but I saw with loving eyes how much he has achieved. This should be celebrated.

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These rely on expert direction, posing and lighting. I know how to do all of this so show me what you can do…

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Probably my favourite type of shoot – boudoir. This is an empowering experience for women who have come a long way on their self love journey – body, mind and soul journeys.

Many women come to me because they have had to work really hard to get where they are. This can be physical or mental or both. A boudoir shoot is most often the reward at the end of this effort. A celebration of self love at it’s best.

Here are some of my clients seeing for themselves just how far they have come…

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I have photographed riders of all ages with their beloved horses. These portraits are ones of love, care and devotion – what amazing qualities to celebrate.

Equestrian portraits are all location based (horses can’t fit through the studio door!). I travel to you, offer pre-shoot styling advice and then take beautiful portraits.


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