Bridal Boudoir

Emma looked for over a year to find a bridal boudoir photographer that she liked. Then she found me!

Emma wanted to surprise her hubby-to-be with a boudoir shoot… she knocked his socks of on the morning of the wedding with the “best gift ever”.

Bridal boudoir shoots can be done on the morning of your wedding makeup trial, as long as it’s at least 2 months before the wedding. Booking on your wedding makeup trial day reduces your session fee from £150 to £100. It also has the benefit of your makeup looking the same as it does on your wedding day. (Emma didn’t do this and after seeing the makeup my favourite Che MUA did, she cancelled the one she had booked and booked Che!)

I will creatively photograph you in your wedding lingerie and veil, if you have one. You will also be asked to bring along a second set of lingerie – it’s just perfect if you choose a colour from your wedding, like pink for Emma!

After your shoot, I will meet with you to show you your proofs and plan the big surprise! Emma couldn’t believe what she was seeing when I showed her the UNEDITED proofs. Honestly, she was almost reduced to tears sitting in Costa Coffee looking at how stunning she looked.

The groom’s gift…

My bridal ladies have a slightly different package to my usual boudoir clients. This is because, rather than opening a box of prints, I want them to open something a little bit more special!

There are two options…

Folio Box package

This beautiful folio box can be customised with co-ordinate with your wedding. Your package contains 5 of your favourite images presented in matted prints, plus another 5 images on a keepsake USB.

I will also prepare a really sexy reel for you to send to the groom after he opens his gift with all the 10 images from your shoot!

This package costs £349, which is in addition to the session fee. I am happy to split this cost over a couple of months so please contact me and we will come up with a payment plan that works for you.

Boudoir Book package

Emma choose this incredible bespoke Boudoir book, a custom-designed 20 spread book presented in a coordinated, personalised gift box.

This book requires a package of 20 images – because we need that many to create the book. The cost of a package of 20 images, plus the book and USB, is £699, not including the session fee.

Here is Emma’s layout…

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