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My equestrian fashion label client, EQUILLE EQUESTRIAN, messaged me last minute to ask me to do a shoot with ELLE, a Black Friday giveaway Build-a-Bear.

I love a thinking on my feet!

It might just be a couple of photos, but even so, I invest a lot of thought and preparation to create some beautiful promotional images for Equielle.


Black Friday is an established autumn tradition, so I immediately had the idea of hanging the clothing on a branch.

I go ‘branch foraging’ at the park and find a pile of branches… a lovely nearly 2 metre one.

My son asked me “You didn’t walk back from the park with that, did you?”

“Yes I did.”

That reminded me of the time I found a beautiful cut tree trunk WAY too big and WAY too heavy to bring home… BUT I couldn’t walk off an leave it, so I dragged it half a mile from the park with a dog lead and put my back out!


We came up with a plan of hanging the clothes on the branch with Elle sitting in an Equielle gift bag.

The clothes were hung to match the colour sequence on the bear’s heart…

fashion photography product

I foraged a little more in the back garden for some pretty autumn leaves… the finishing touch…


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