Apparel/fashion photography


My USP in commercial photography is my HIGHLY SKILLED portrait and boudoir expertise. I have many years experience with posing, lighting and editing portraits. The portrait skills I have mastered bring SO much value to what I can offer commercially.

Portrait photography is highly skilled – not all product photographers have the background of portraiture that I have. I am experienced with newborn babies, children of all ages and family posing. And then there’s my boudoir skillset…

My skillset ensures that your location shoot images are STUNNINGLY posed, edited and lit. These elements are what creates location images that look like they are out of a fashion magazine – without high fashion photographer pricing!

Family posing

I am experienced with newborn baby shoots AND family posing. This is an incredible asset for any baby products.

Beach wear and lingerie

My experience with shooting boudoir has high value to add to any beach wear or lingerie brand.

My clients

My current fashion clients include boutique designer label, SAPPHIRE BLUE, equestrian fashion label, EQUIELLE EQUESTRIAN and also new brand I am working with, EQUIROBE.

My apparel/fashion services include…

Ghost mannequin photography

Ghost mannequin photography is becoming industry-standard on fashion retail platforms like Shopify and Amazon. This skilful technique allows your clients to focus on the qualities of your clothing without the distractions of a mannequin or model.

No matter what type of clothing garment you are selling, Sellershots will provide clean, professionally edited images, front and back, using the ghost mannequin technique.

These can be purchased singularly with a minimum order of 5 garments or as part of a sellers package including Amazon-friendly graphic images and location shots with models.

Flat-hanging garments

If you are launching a new season collection, I offer studio-shot themed shoots without models or ghost mannequin effect, to reduce costs for you.

These shoots are a lovely way to create a styled shoot with minimum cost.

Location shoots with models

While your clients are wowed with ghost mannequin images, they may also wonder what your garments look like on a person.

I have studio-quality portable lighting, meaning I shoot incredible images on location, showing your clothing in context. The shoot below was for equestrian fashion brand, Equielle. This shoot was in a stables.

Location options in London and Essex are endless. Happy to help source the perfect venue, whether it’s a club or period home. Let’s co-create!

Take a look at how I created an incredible location shoot for my client, Sapphire Blue… The location was carefully selected to make the gown pop and show your clients ways in which your products will fit into their lives – in the boudoir or otherwise…

I offer essential future-proofing… ‘hidden’ data

TikTok is becoming one of the fastest growing sales platforms in the world and one of the first to introduce Ai technology that detects hidden search engine data. THIS is the future of image searching – anything without hidden metadata and tags will be appearing less and less in your client’s searches and feeds!

ALL my white background fashion images are integrated with hidden data within both the image and exported with metadata tags that enables search engines to find your images. NOT ALL product are up-to-date with this!

Within the next year, industry experts predict that more an more sales platforms and social media will be using Ai technology to prioritise images which contain added data, so getting ahead of the game now will benefit you greatly.

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