Boudoir photography gets me so fired up! Gets everybody fired up! Whether you book a pre-wedding bridal boudoir session, post-wedding couples boudoir or post-children self-love session, after professional makeup, hair and my expertise, you will leave me feeling so high vibe!

I originally created a boudoir experience to be the single most empowering thing you can do for yourself – an expression of ultimate self love. This still stands, BUT imagine a set of sexy portraits with your love? Capturing that intense connection… YES, that’s when things can get really hot!


TWIN FLAME SESSIONS – couples boudoir – are designed to capture the spark between you and your love.

Think about it… you only ever feel the amazing connection between you and your twin flame… your soulmate. What if you could see it, watch??

A couples boudoir session with me allows you to see your relationship from a completely new perspective. You can actually SEE what that spark looks like – with the bonus of being beautifully styled, shot and posed with my expertise.

I am shooting an amazing lifestyle couples shoot soon – I am so excited! Watch this space…


I now offer a new film add-on to your session for an additional £99 or free if you will allow me to feature your video on my social media platforms!

Shooting video footage during all your set ups provides me with amazing footage edited to music. For a couples shoot, I will encourage lots of interaction, including a sensuous kiss – so hot!!

This add-on needs to be decided at your consultation in order to be filmed on the day.


Whether you come to me for a boudoir shoot as surprise for your husband-to-be or celebrate your honeymoon with a smoking hot TWIN FLAMES SHOOT, you don’t need any experience.

This is not a model-only experience – this is for all women. If you think you are not confident enough for lingerie, I am pretty sure I can coax it out of you. You see, I know what I’m doing and I know the poses to flatter any body type so leave it to me.

I will guide you through every aspect including styling and posing to create portraits so hot they might just spontaneously combust!


I have so many beautiful, confident, happy, empowered friends in their 40s and 50s. We are part of a socially-active, sensually-confident group of females who are living life to the full!

Looking great and feeling great is no longer age-specific – we have learned that with self love, self improvement, self commitment and self confidence, we can do all the things we enjoyed as young women. Even more so! We are captains of our own ships – captains of all shapes and sizes – on a fun-loving cruise through our 40s and 50s.


Even the most beautiful women/couples need plenty of hand-holding and reassurance from me. When I say I am here to help every step of the way, I mean it!

After you book a session with me, I will arrange a pre-shoot consultation where I will run through a questionnaire. I will ask your reasons for booking a shoot, what style of my photography you are drawn to, what are your favourite parts of your body, etc… All of your answers help me get to know you, help you get to know me and help me create an amazing shoot for you.

We will of course discuss lingerie. I will ask you to bring at least 4 sets of lingerie along with a sexy dress. If you are not sure, bring it all!


Because hair and makeup are so important – not just in the photos but in how this makes you feel – this is included in the SESSION AND STYLING FEE, which is £99.

One of my lovely hair stylists and makeup artists come to the studio and you will feel amazing after they create an ultra glam look.

Add in a little music and a glass of Prosecco and you are ready to really shine!


I am very mindful that a boudoir shoot with me is probably one of the most intimate experiences you can have. This is why I am here to make your feel comfortable and relaxed.

Several friends have said to me how they would love a boudoir shoot but are scared they wouldn’t know what to do. Angie, above, didn’t know what to do – she looked amazing but she didn’t have a clue what she should do! As the photographer looking through the lens, it’s up to me and NOT my clients to direct the shoot! This was a HUGE relief for her!

“Paola showed and corrected my poses so we got the perfect shots. I felt completely comfortable and relaxed.”


When you come back to the studio for the big reveal, here is what you will see… amazing photos of you in all your beauty.

Just look at Angie, mum of two!

“OH MY GOD!!!” was Angie’s reaction with her hands covering her mouth.

“Viewing the pictures was an amazing experience! I was so pleased with them, they were so tasteful and better than I expected”.”

Here are some from Angie’s incredible gallery…

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