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My boudoir clients come to me for many reasons, none of which are vanity. I have had boudoir clients who have overcome breast cancer.

One beautiful young woman who booked a photoshoot before undergoing life-changing surgery.

Clients who are celebrating reaching their personal fitness goals.

Several women have booked with me because they’ve reached a transformational moment in their healing journey.

The most popular reason to book a shoot with me is because I create the most incredible surprise gift you can give – you looking and feeling a model.

Whatever your reason for booking a boudoir photoshoot with me, I’m here to make some stunning memories for you or your loved one to treasure.


I know that having a boudoir shoot takes most women out of their comfort zone. ALL my clients get nervous! It’s like pre-wedding nerves. This is where I go in to hold your hand through every step.

I pride myself on making my clients feel at ease with me. Trust is an important part of my job – this is an intimate experience. Making you feel comfortable and confident is my responsibility. Honestly, I really do love getting to know my lovely clients!

Trust in me; I will guide you through every aspect including styling and posing. The only thing you need to do is follow my instructions. When I show you the first few shots on the back of my camera, you will get all the confidence you need!

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