Apparel Photography Session Fee


Bespoke Commercial Services

As commercial shoots produce a varied amount of images depending entirely on the client’s needs, I charge a session fee of £50 for a shoot of up to two hours.

At your viewing appointment, we will select the images to be retouched and included in your package.

The options are as follows:

Top Ten minimum package, £199

Additional bundles of 5, £99

Individual images, £35

Your images are then professionally edited and handed over to you as high resolution files (for printing) as well as web resolution and social media sized files, transferred by WeTransfer. I work with your web designer so we get all the images you need.

I also include a back link to your business and encourage you to do the same for me (this helps both of us!).

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Book your fashion shoot with this SESSION FEE. This confirms your booking regardless of what type of shoot you are looking for.

My clients include equestrian fashion brand, Equielle Equestrian and boutique fashion label Sapphire Blue, collaborating on both studio-shot product photography, studio model shots and location shoots.

Your session fee

£50 covers your session fee for a shoot lasting two hours.

This also includes an in-person consultation which is essential for meeting your businesses needs. When you confirm your booking with your session fee, the date you choose will be for your consultation. Come to the studio for a coffee or I can come to you.

Please see package details in ‘Apparel photography packages’




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