3-6 Month Sitter Session


With the lockdowns, many parents were denied the opportunity of bringing their newborn into the studio. When I was able to reopen, I saw a lovely range of baby ages. I nice surprise was 3 months is a lovely age to bring your baby for a portrait session. Here’s why…


At 3 months old, babies have settled nicely into feeding routines and colic disappears so this is a wonderful time to bring in a baby that had an unsettled start when born. Babies also may have control of their head at this stage which allows me to photograph them on their tummies while awake. Best of all are the smiles and giggles – this stage is probably the favourite of all parents! 


Sitter sessions are suitable as a mini session, if it’s just you with your baby. Add any toddler siblings and it will be a different story, trust me!

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