Baby milestones

I like to pre-book all my clients before their babies arrive. I do this for several reasons, but most importantly so I can get to know you both so I can discover what you like and you can feel comfortable with me. Before you come in with your baby, you will either have an in-person consultation or a chat on the phone to go over your preferences and help me plan the perfect shoot for you.


If you would like a newborn shoot with me, book in a couple of months in advance on your due date so I can manage my diary. I can only do 2-3 shoots per week and quickly get booked up.

Traditionally, babies are best brought to the studio between 7 and 14 days. This is because they are sleepiest at this stage. After two weeks, some babies get unsettled or break out in baby acne. However, 2020 lockdowns taught me that this ‘newborn’ stage can be extended well to around 12 weeks. Babies will just be more alert and some poses limited, but they will also be characterful and smiley which parents love.

Baby milestones

Every single baby is different when it comes to milestones, so I will always ask detailed questions during your consultation so I can tailor your shoot for your baby. Whether your baby has just learned to lift his head or sit up independently, your shoot will be designed to capture their new developments and skills.

Generally speaking, though, photoshoots are usually scheduled as follows:

3 months

At 3 months old, babies have settled nicely into feeding routines and colic disappears so this is a wonderful time to bring in a baby that had an unsettled start when born. Babies also may have control of their head at this stage which allows me to photograph them on their tummies while awake. Best of all are the smiles and giggles – this stage is probably the favourite of all parents! 

6 months

This stage varies so much from baby to baby. Some will be able to sit unaided, which is a wonderful time to photograph them. At 6 months, they also love lying down and grabbing those chubby little toes and showing me their gummy giggles. They are still very much a baby but with far more character and personality.