Photoshoot Services

Portrait sessions of all kinds

Capturing beautiful photographs of your children is so very important, especially in their amazing first year of life. This is why family photography is at the heart of what I do.

I have plenty of moments of my three children as babies, but all are snaps. If I could go back in time, I would have loved beautifully edited portraits of my bumps and with my newborn babies. That would have been so precious!

I have chosen a new, far more relaxed lifestyle approach to all my portrait sessions. LIFESTYLE is a new genre of family photography which is taking the industry by storm. The homely feel puts all your family at ease which helps you interact naturally and the portraits are far more representative of you and your family.

What else do I photograph?

Although I specialise in baby milestone sessions, my range also includes PET PORTRAITS both in the studio and on location. My studio is in the middle of a livery yard so EQUESTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHY has been an exciting new addition for me. Photographing horses is incredible!

I am also experienced with COMMERCIAL FASHION photography, recently completing a huge shoot both in the studio and on location for the launch of Equielle Equestrian clothing range with model, Natalya Wright – Mark Wright’s sister.

What can I do for you?

The starting place for any of my shoots is a pre-shoot consultation. This is either in the studio or on the phone but either way we will have a chat so I can get to know your personal style. I am happy to fully style your shoot, but as tastes differ, it’s important that I get to know you.

During your consultation I will give your styling advice for all the family, whether you are in the studio or on location. I have lots of outfits in the studio for babies, children and women but for boys and men it’s usually a case of coordinating colours and styles. I will help with all of this.

Whomever I am photographing, I am armed with a host of skills that makes what I do special and unique. Being a fantastic photographer is never enough – I am part-photographer but also an artist/child wrangler/host/entertainer/silly person who puts smiles on faces by any means possible.  

I love what I do and I hope you will to!