Baby milestone photography

If you are expecting your first baby, congratulations! As far as baby milestones go, pregnancy is a huge one (bellies included!). At my Basildon studio, I offer maternity photography as well as newborn, sitter and cake smash sessions so you can treasure beautiful memories of your baby’s incredible development.

Here is a brief rundown of the baby milestones that I capture…

Maternity portraits

Some mums want to start with a maternity session, which is the start of your baby’s story. This story involves the whole family so Dads-to-be and siblings are always involved.

Every mum is different, although I usually advise clients to come in around 33 weeks. I am a mum of three and equipped with all the posing and editing skills to wipe away any standard pregnancy concerns you have.

maternity photographer


Of all the baby milestones captured in the studio, the newborn stage is by far the most popular. This is when I can capture those lovely sleepy poses and provide you with beautiful memories of those tiny fingers and toes.

At my newborn sessions, I make sure that all members of your family are involved – parents, siblings and, of course, the family dog. What’s most important for me is giving you beautiful family-centred portraits which you can relate to and enjoy looking back at for decades to come. Just look how beautiful moments like this are…

Please take a look at what I offer for my family-centred newborn sessions via the link below…

Newborn – Salustri Photography

3 months

At 3 months old, babies have settled nicely into feeding routines and colic disappears so this is a wonderful time to bring in a baby that had an unsettled start when born. Babies also may have control of their head at this stage which allows me to photograph them on their tummies while awake. Best of all are the smiles and giggles – this stage is probably the favourite of all parents! 

Please take a look at what I offer for baby to sitter sessions via the link below…

3 month to sitter sessions – Salustri Photography

6-9 months – Sitter Sessions

This stage varies so much from baby to baby. Some will be able to sit unaided, which is a wonderful time to photograph them. At 6 months, they also love lying down and grabbing those chubby little toes and showing me their gummy giggles. They are still very much a baby but with far more character and personality.  

First birthday – Cake Smash

Your baby’s first year has witnessed amazing developments and milestones, and this is the big finale. When it comes to celebrating first birthdays, a professional cake smash is most definitely in order. So is a bubble splash and a family lifestyle session. Please take a look at what I offer for my cake smash sessions via the link below…

Cake Smash lifestyle sessions – Salustri Photography

Whatever baby milestone you want to treasure, your photoshoot will always begin with a consultation either in person or on the phone. It’s a way of us getting to know each other so I can discover what you like. This is how I can plan the perfect shoot for you!

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