I am so exited to reveal this summer’s amazing mini session: £99 Red Balloon Minis!

I took this shot of my son during lockdown. This silhouette was edited to make it look like he’s holding a balloon. I had this printed alongside one I’d created for my girls. They look amazing – I get so many compliments.

Two years later, while having my morning cup of tea, I have the amazing idea. That balloon I had edited made me think of £99 red balloons, which you can see through and will look amazing! I literally had a vision of these cool beach silhouette sessions which are suitable for couples, maternity, newly wedded couples (a veil please!!), families, even with babies.

So I am calling them, £99 RED BALLOON MINIS. They give me a free reign on creativity – kicking up bubbles, like this one of my daughter, Livia…

Just popped in my mind!

Or this of my daughter Mimi… I used create ideas and digital art. It’s how I can be unique.


So I am trying to create a summer of creative fun for me and original signed prints by pricing them LOW.

Sessions are booked with a £25 session fee – for the session.

I send you proofs via a gallery website. You choose your TOP 3 PACKAGE for £99. Of course, £99!

Quality artwork is available, easily purchased via the website with clear pricing.

I even have ideas for rainy days so no called off shoots!!