HELLO Boudoir – Woman Power!

I am so excited to reveal my NEW BOUDOIR AND GLAMOUR photoshoot/experience!

Oozing sensuality. Sexy but sophisticated. Beautiful and flattering. Empowering, jaw-dropping glamour. Say hello to my boudoir – photography which packs a powerful punch of self confidence!

boudoir photoshoot


I have so many beautiful, confident, happy, empowered friends in their 40s and 50s. We are part of a socially-active, sensually-confident group of females who are living life to the full!

Looking great and feeling great is no longer age-specific – we have learned that with self love, self improvement, self commitment and self confidence, we can do all the things we enjoyed as young women. Even more so! We are captains of our own ships – captains of all shapes and sizes – on a fun-loving cruise through our 40s and 50s.


So when I came to reigniting my boudoir sessions after the delay to my big plans caused by the pandemic, one of my dear friends, Angie, asked me if she could so a boudoir session with her. She had previously asked me a couple of years ago as a treat for her then-boyfriend. This time she wanted to book one for HERSELF!

This is when all my plans came into focus. I realised that boudoir photography isn’t about sleazy images degrading the female body. Boudoir is not just for young women who have yet to go through the bodily changes that passing time and baring children have. Oh no! Boudoir photography is liberating and empowering for women of ALL ages. It’s a celebration of femininity.


My friend came to me on the other side of her self-love journey aged 46. She was proud of positive changes she had made in her life. Proud of how strong she felt. Proud of who she was and how far she had come. In short, Angie was feeling pretty wonderful and looking amazing!

Angie told me jokingly that she wanted some photos done before “everything went south!” But what she actually wanted was a positive reflection of all of her achievements. She was proud of herself.


Although I know Angie well, she was not immune to the nerves involved before such an intimate photoshoot. Building confidence with my clients is so important for a boudoir shoot. I am here to help every step of the way.

“Paola made me feel comfortable from the moment I booked. We discussed ideas and looks and Paola told me what to bring and expect,”


Even with Angie’s stunning looks, she sent me a voice message the morning of the shoot saying “The nerves are really kicking in now!” This is an intimate experience, perhaps even a little more intense with a friend!

As a woman, I can easily put myself in your shoes and that helps me tread slowly during the session in order to build confidence.


Hair and makeup is very important for a boudoir shoot. I work with stylists and makeup artists so we can achieve that ultra glam look. The cost of this is part of the booking package.

Once hair and makeup are done, it’s time to start.

“On the day we started with ‘clothes on’ shots and worked our way on to more revealing shots,”

Several friends have said to me how they would love a boudoir shoot but are scared they wouldn’t know what to do. Angie didn’t know what to do – she looked amazing but she didn’t have a clue what she should do! As the photographer looking through the lens, it’s up to me and NOT my clients to direct the shoot! This was a HUGE relief for her!

“Paola showed and corrected my poses so we got the perfect shots. I felt completely comfortable and relaxed.”


I start my session with a series of images using a casually styled white shirt. Bring your man’s shirt or keep it all female – the key is building your confidence while semi-dressed.

Here are some of the poses that I do…


By now, Angie was far more relaxed with me. We have music on and the vibe is nothing but positive.

We then move to the bed scene. Here I use satin bedding as it’s sensual and fluid, perfect for a series of set poses all very carefully directed and perfectly lit by me…


Nerves are gone and we can move on to more revealing lingerie – if you want to! This is all client-led and there are plenty of options if you do wish to remain more suggestive. In fact, most of my work is more suggestive rather than revealing. This is very sexy!


I have two gorgeous chesterfield sofas to use during your shoot – vintage red and white if you want to stick with light and airy room set.

Again, choose how revealing you want this set to be. It’s all down to you. We opted for burlesque styling here, which looked amazing!


When you come back to the studio for the big reveal, here is what you will seeā€¦ 

“OH MY GOD!” was Angie’s reaction with her hands covering her mouth!

“Viewing the pictures was an amazing experience! I was so pleased with them, they were so tasteful and better than I expected”.”


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