2, to 3, to a family of 4

There’s nothing better than a previous client tell me how much they love their photos I have created for them. Well, even better is when they come back with a second baby in arms.

This little girl came to my living room studio 3 years ago. It’s still one of my favourites – indeed I have this as my sample HD canvas in the studio.

This is her now, a cheeky little 3 year old! Full of mischief.


Her parents loved them so much they contacted me to announce the pending birth of their new daughter – the new little sister.

All my newborn baby shoots include family sessions as standard. Knowing we had a lively 3 year old means I start my session with family and sibling shots as these are most important and a 3 year-old’s attention span is fleeting when approaching nap time!

As a very doting big sister, her parents brought her a ‘big sister’ bracelet which she proudly showed me. Her baby sister wore the very same outfit she had once worn…

All rarely runs smoothly with a 3 year old and newborn so I work fast. Family portraits are far better naturally posed at this age so I set the shot up and casually ask her to gently stroke her sister’s cheek then kiss the top of her head (they do this at lightening speed and never repeat so I have to be on my toes!)

The family love this is monochrome. What do you prefer?

Baby’s portraits

After the sibling/family portraits come the choice of props for baby’s individual portraits. We choose two props; my popular Bear on the Shelf and Bamboo Boho Bed.

How perfect is she! Look how alike she is to her big sister! They are so alike that I made sure her Bear on the Shelf was noticeably different to her big sister’s one.

The end

This is their complete family of 4, and just the beginning of their adventures!