What is wall art anyway?

All my packages include credit to wall art. Two of my clients have asked me what wall art is, so let me explain…

Not all prints are equal!

If you are investing in a professional photoshoot, like mine, the only thing that actually makes sense is investing in professional print products.

Print my work at Tesco (or any other supermarket) and all the effort I went to for a professional edit, all the money you invested in paying for my expertise – and I am not cheap – may as well been spent in a photobooth saying ‘cheese’.

Art for your walls

Wall art! Amazing definition fine art prints, tray-framed canvas, acrylic prints, acrylic spheres, multi-aperture collage prints and ornate vintage framing are what my images are created for. Your family images should be destined for greatness not compromised to save some money.

Acrylic Spheres

These are one of the most aspirational wall art choices I can offer you. HD printing and high sheen acrylic comes in up to 40 inch diameter.

Birch Sphere

Textured print laminated on solid birch wood up to 40 inches in diameter.

Tray-Framed Canvas

Top quality canvas floating in a wooden textured frame in a choice of finishes.

Multi-Aperture Frames

If you can’t choose your favourite, a multi-aperture frame is the place to tell your family story. Double mounts, HD prints and bespoke frames.


Not just any canvas, super definition printing on quality canvas laminated for durability.

Acrylic Prints

Any format with a floating effect with a sturdy, sleek construction.

Fine Art Prints

Any size fine art prints that are incredibly detailed. Bespoke framing is offered.

What size?

packages products

At your viewing appointment, I can help you choose the right products and sizes for the rooms. Some images suit some products and your decision shouldn’t be driven solely on budget – it’s about investing in bespoke art that’s right for the image and your room. This is the best bit!

Have a look at some of my work here… Gallery – Salustri Photography

Paola x