Spring/Summer Photoshoot Styling

Choosing outfits for the whole family can be a little daunting so I always help my clients get the right look for their portrait session. This styling guide uses a selection of clothing found at H&M, all current and widely available to make choosing what to wear easy for all the family.

Whether you are coming into the studio for a LIFESTYLE FAMILY SESSION or booked in for a BLUEBELL SHOOT or BEACH SHOOT, I am here to help you get the right look. For family portrait sessions, styling is the key to achieving a unified look which will stand the test of time.

H&M are one of my favourite shops for clothing which compliments a portrait session. Another great high street choice is Zara. H&M and Zara have affordable fashion which is contemporary, easy to wear and effortless and both offer home delivery.

Where to start

I would advise choosing your outfits first and then the children’s so you create a unified look for the whole family. You don’t all need to be in the same colours, but it is important that you all compliment each other, especially with choosing complimentary tones, i.e, warm, rich tones together or light tones together.

The earthy-toned look that’s so popular for portrait sessions this year requires warm tones rather than cool tones. For this reason, you should avoid blue/denim for these shoots. Instead, opt for chinos, neutrals and warm tones to compliment my lifestyle set up.

Styling Daddy

Menswear fashion for Spring/Summer 2021 is an easy fit for a photoshoot. Trends are following an earthy-toned theme so many of the right colours are all over the high street.

At H&M, I have picked out my favourite looks from this season. Chinos, linen shirts, cotton jackets, textured white shirts, easy-wear denim shirts, earthy knits and casual jackets and all perfect teemed with ankle boots or loafers.

Styling Mummy

Coming out of lockdown pyjamas is a wonderful thought! Trends are perfect for the studio with plenty of flowing neutral dresses, textured fabrics, knitted cardigans and straw hats to choose from. Pretty summer floral dresses and ankle boots are a perfect look for outdoor shoots.

Styling the children

H&M have some wonderful earthy-toned textured fabrics for children’s wear this season which will look great with your outfits for lifestyle sessions.

Styling baby for mini sessions

While I supply most outfits for baby in the studio, a bluebell or beach mini session means you will need to dress your baby ready for your shoot. Again, plenty of perfect earthy and neutral tones and textured fabrics for baby at H&M.

Styling tricky teens

Teens are tricky! It’s really important that you avoid sportswear and anything high-fashion for teens and this isn’t easy! While it’s important that teens are themselves, sportswear and crop tops are not the right look for a professional family portrait. Stick to layering for girls, opting something like a loose linen shirt or chunky knit cardigan over the denim shorts they insist on wearing. For teen boys, a plain white t-shirt under an open shirt is a good compromise. Trainers are okay, but stick to plain light coloured ones without logos.

In general, though, it’s important that all members of the family look and feel themselves. This way, your family portrait will be a much more genuine one. Shop where you like to shop, wear your own style, just make sure you all look like you belong together!