‘Smile baby!’ Life is just about to start!

I can’t imagine having had a baby in the last year and not be able to show them off to the world, meet all the family or even just go to baby groups for a coffee and chat. Having a baby is isolating enough without all the extra stress so baby hats off to new parents!

The end is near! Our lives are about to restart and we can all celebrate properly again.

Family portraits are everything

Whatever age your baby is, family portraits are at the very heart of my new lifestyle sessions. With mobile phone cameras being so good, you will hopefully have some lovely photos of your baby’s first months – these are precious. What you won’t have is any great photos of ALL of you!

If you missed out on the opportunity of a newborn shoot, I promise to make you smile with my new relaxed lifestyle set! This is where I can capture what your family means to you, what you mean to your family, and where you can relax and be yourselves.

It doesn’t matter whether your baby is 2 weeks, two months or about to celebrate their first birthday – it’s always a great time for a family-centred baby shoot. I have a feeling cake smash sessions to celebrate first birthday’s out of lockdown are going to be hugely popular! So, big plans are in the making…

Reopening the studio

April 12th 2021 I can get back to work for newborn babies and families. What I won’t be doing is taking any chances. The virus is still in a community so when I reopen, it will be with the utmost caution. I want us all to be safe.

Reassurance from me to you

If you are shielding, or if you just want to shield your baby as a precaution, I understand. There will be some newborn poses that aren’t suitable, but that’s okay. I want you to feel safe and if you want a contact-free shoot to feel confident and reassured that’s fine. I have done these before with great success – all I will need is a really helpful daddy to assist me – many have really enjoyed doing this!

When and if I do have physical contact with your baby, I will be wearing both a mask and face shield as well as gloves and an apron. Only a maximum of 6 people are allowed in the studio and that includes me so I can host a family of five safely.

We are coming out of lockdown, but I am fully aware that we may experience changes to plans due to possible quarantine periods and so on. Your booking is fully flexible with a £50 deposit, which is deducted from your chosen package.

There are always reasons to smile!