Was your baby born in lockdown?

Newborn shoots are not just for newborns!

The advice I always gave to parents of my newborn photoshoots was to bring baby in with the first 14 days. This, I said, was the best way of capturing the perfect images of baby. Lockdown has changed all of this!

When it was safe for parents to bring their newborns in to the studio they were no longer newborn. Ten weeks is not a typical age for a newborn shoot, but it turns out to be just wonderful! This is Ellie-Ann. Her lovely parents came in for a bump-to-baby shoot the weekend lockdown was announced. Her mummy, Rachel, was so upset at the thought of not being able to come into the studio. I did create my Stay at Home shoots for this reason, delivering a posing basket and carrying out a complimentary virtual shoot with her parents via Facetime and we did the best job we could could. I reassured Rachel that she can bring Ellie-Ann into the studio as soon as it’s safe and I was so glad she did!

With the ability to focus her eyes, smile, laugh and hold her head up, I was able to capture such lovely expressions. Photographing Ellie-Ann at ten weeks provided the opportunity to capture the little character their baby had become . Just look at this…

baby portrait

So if you have a 2 or 3 month old baby and you wish you could have had your newborn shoot, bring them in! It’s never too late. You won’t miss out on those magical sleepy portraits of newness, you’ll just get more from your shoot than you would at 14 days old.

Here is what you can expect from a 2+ month shoot. How gorgeous is Ellie-Ann?!

bear on the shelf
baby portrait
baby portrait newborn